Space Invaders Slot Machine Available Online

Playtech is one of those software companies that is always looking to innovate and produce the most exciting gameplay for their slot machines. Space Invaders is a slot machine that was made to look like the arcade game machines that can be found in pubs, restaurants, and amusement parks. This will make lovers of arcade games quite happy. It is a slot machine with a science fiction theme that tells a narrative about UFOs and aliens assaulting Earth and a little cannon that fires at them and keeps them away from the planet. The slot machine was developed with the casual player in mind, catering to their requirements with features such as a low-roller-friendly betting range, a medium variance, and a return to player percentage of 96.16%. Casual players are similar to those who used to try their luck on arcade game machines.

On the other hand, in contrast to the arcade games that were released in 1978, the Space Invaders online slot developed by Playtech is compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, unlike in the past when you had to remain stationary in one location in order to play your game, you can now carry it with you wherever you go. In addition to this, the game has two unique bonus features, one of which substitutes regular symbols for wilds, the other of which awards re-spins and winnings that may exceed 150 times the amount wagered every spin. You will just need to have good aim in order to successfully protect the world from the alien invaders.

Controls & Configuration for the Space Invaders Slot

When you load up the Space Invaders slot, you will see that everything that is shown on the screen appears to be designed in the same manner as the arcade gaming machines. You may access the game’s control panel by looking at the area underneath the reels. The buttons for information, autoplay, turbo, and spin are ordered from left to right, exactly way they were on the classic arcade machines. The best part is that they seem exactly the same on mobile and desktop computers. This is a huge convenience for users. Simply loading the game on any mobile device that runs Android or iOS will reveal that the game’s presentation and gameplay are same across all platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices. On the control panel, you will find three displays: the number of lines on which you are putting bets, a total bet display with buttons to raise or reduce the amount wagered, and a display that indicates whether or not you have won. In that regard, the bets that you may put can range anywhere from 0.10 to 24 credits for each of the 10 lines that are available.

In terms of how wins are formed, wins are created when players land matching symbols on winning paylines in either the left to right or right to left direction. The three different colored aliens—the blue alien, the green creature, and the purple alien—represent the low-paying symbols. If you get five of a type, you will get a payout equal to 20 times your original wager from each of them. The space cannon is a high-value symbol that, when used in a winning combination, awards you with 25 times your original wager. The next high-paying symbol is the flying saucer, which awards you with a payout equal to 30 times your original wager. After that comes the army of aliens sign, which awards a payout equal to 50 times your original wager. The barren planet is the sign that will award you the most money, and it will pay you 150 times your original wager.

The Gameplay and Additional Features of Space Invaders

Playtech’s Space Invaders slot machine is one of the company’s oldest products, so the fact that it does not have as many features as newer slots should not come as a surprise. You are only able to participate in one of two unique bonus games due to the fact that there are only a total of two available.

The first one is the trait that makes intruders behave more like wild animals. When you start spinning the reels, you will notice that the little cannon that is located at the bottom of the reels moves from one location beneath each of the 5 reels to another one. This is because there are 5 reels total. This cannon is able to fire anytime it stops beneath the second or fourth reel, depending on which comes first. If it does, it will transform low-value symbols on the reel above it into wilds if doing so would increase your chances of forming a winning combination. Because there is no scatter symbol in this slot game, the wilds provide rewards that are equal to two times the amount of the wager and may replace any symbol on the reels.

Another item that’s lacking that you’re accustomed to having is the bonus game where you get free spins. You will, however, be awarded respins as a result of the second special feature that is included in the slot machine, so you will still get some free runs. This is going to take place as a result of the UFO function. In the event when both the cannon and the UFO halt on the same reel, it is safe to assume that you have successfully activated the UFO bonus round. After that, the cannon will fire at the UFO, which will result in a respin with more wild symbols being added to the reels.

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